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Our Services

Northern Shores Pharmacy provides the North Bay community with a wide range of healthcare and prescription services. Our number one priority is keeping the community healthy, and we’re committed to doing what we can to make sure customers aren’t driven away from obtaining their own medications due to lack of convenience. Just give us a call to find out about all we have to offer.

Compound Drug Services

Custom Compounding
- personalized dosages and formulations
including creams, liquids, troches, injections,
- specialized pain creams
- hormone replacement (testoterone, estrogen,
- fertility treatments

Smoking Cessation

- one-on-one counseling over 1 year with a certified pharmacist to help your patients quit 
- ODB patients are covered
- Champix, Zyban and NRT can be prescribed by our certified pharmacists

Harm Reduction Services

Harm Reduction Services
- offering addiction recovery services with certified pharmacists and staff
-one-on-one medication management
- Suboxone
- Custom Flavoured Methadone
- Emergency Naloxone Kits

Diabetes Monitoring

- monthly FREE A1c, eGFR and blood pressure monitoring with a Certified Diabetes Educator
- one hour appointments paired with a medication review focusing on diabetes care with a certified pharmacist

Falls Risk Assessment

- appointment based review with a physiotherapist assessing falls risk
- paired with a medication review to assess medications putting your patients at risk of falls with an aim to reducing them
-home healthcare device assessment and fitting (canes, walkers etc).

Blood Pressure Monitoring

⦁    Free weekly drop in blood pressure monitoring offered with our pharmacists
⦁    Medication review offered to optimize blood pressure medications

Ideal Protein Weight Loss

- one-on-one medically supervised weight loss (some patients can lose up to 5-7 pounds per week)
- weekly weigh-ins and coaching to help patients achieve their weight loss goal

Personamed Genetic Testing

- one-on-one pharmacogenetic testing and review with a certified pharmacist 
- help to reduce and avoid side effects from medications, increase efficacy and decrease money and time wasted finding the right drug 
- we work with the prescribing physician to find the right drug that works for you

Diabetes Foot Care

quarterly FREE foot care with a registered nurse
- one hour appointments paired with a medication review focusing on diabetes care with a certified pharmacist

Respiratory Function

- monthly FREE lung function test with a registered respiratory technician
- paired with a medication review focusing on inhaler technique  improved medication adherence

Compression Stocking Fitting

- custom fitting for compression and TED stockings to prevent embolism, varicose veins, pressure ulcers
- Sigvaris and other brands carried


Bring in your prescription and a registered pharmacist will give you your injection, no waiting at the doctor's office! Travel vaccinations too!
Flushots • Twinrix • Meningitis • Pneumonia • Typhoid • Hepatitis A/B • Zostavax • HPV Vaccines • Japanese Encephalitis Vaccines •  Rabies •Varicella Virus • Yellow Fever

Contact us with any questions about our services or for more information regarding our pharmacy.